Trophy Kids - the Proud, the Disappointed, the Ugly

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The term ‘Trophy Kids’ has been thrown around a lot these days. There are a few different definitions of the phrase, however this short post is going to cover: 

“Using a Child as a gateway to receive recognition”.

We all want to see kids succeed and be progressing towards greatness, however if this is at the expense of their natural development and the child actually enjoying the process, is this really progression?

This article is going to be more of an open discussion on the documentary directed by Chris Bell titled “Trophy Kids”. Please watch the following trailer below and let us know your thoughts on the short clip alone, not forgetting there is over 90 minutes following these families around the United States.

There are two sides of the story. Fulfilling and supporting kids to achieve their goals, or on the other side - Forcing kids to achieve your goals.

“Every kid wants to be a Superstar - get the kid to buy into your dream”.

“I want to be rewarded somehow, someway… [referring to his efforts on training/coaching his son]”.

What are your thoughts on this? Is it over the top, or creating the next elite athlete?



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  • Let them grow at their own pace.. looks like someone cannot make it soo they frc ther kids to fill the void??

    Jayden Barton on

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