The "I Hate It" Approach

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As a parent, guardian or family friend have you seen the kid that just “Hates Everything”?

Even if they haven’t tried that food group before nor gone through that book before, you get the same result.


“I hate that”, “boring”, “Do I have to” and on and on. Sometimes on a really special day you get the “I HATE YOU”, being the ‘Mac-Daddy’ of compliments.


Well you’re not alone.


Similar blog writers including the “Why it’s good to hate your kids” by have their comedic value, however is that the attitude we want when it’s revolving around raising and developing our youth?


Is the blanket statement, “They will grow out of it” really how you want to be leading them?


From the time kids are present they are a little sponge. Absorbing information effortlessly, continuously and indiscriminately. With this in mind please step back, assess, and visualise as you - the parent, guardian or family friend react when something doesn’t go your way? Is it generally negative feedback?


  • Someone cuts you off on the Road - how do you react?
  • The store you drove 40 minutes to is closed - how do you react?
  • Waiting an extra 10minutes for your meal then expected - how do you react?
  • Your internet speeds are 1/10th slower then the speeds you were promised from your service provider - how do you react?


All these situations happening around you warrant an action. However, keep in mind when you look down next to your left hip the little mind is absorbing everything given to it. This then leads back to the beginning and your child responding to what they don’t want. At the dinner table tonight, maybe when the next “I Hate That” is mentioned, this blog can be ‘Food for thought’.



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