Creating Big Little Dreams

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A Child’s brain is a sponge. Children’s brains are absorbing everything around them, effortlessly, continuously and indiscriminately. Big Little Dreams’ goal is to provide parents with resources to absorb productive, positive, and progressive information to give kids a kick start at achieving their goals.

It’s time for a change. This is the introduction to teaching children about real problems and outlining key messages and morals to help their development.
Big Little Dreams has created a process for children to overcome obstacles and become confident within themselves. A great way to implement this change is to add direction, drive, and skill sets to assist each child's mental development. Big Little Dreams make them aware of daily situations beyond the IPAD.

As of the 9th July 2018, there are 6 themes:

Good Manners.


No Bullying.


Saving Money.


Each quarter Big Little Dreams will be introducing a new theme and donating $1.00 from every purchase through to Camp Quality.

Big Little Dreams is a movement, hopefully an introduction to opening children's eyes to what can be done and creating the leaders of tomorrow. Not just any leaders, leaders with power and confidence, whilst still having empathy and support for their peers. 

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