Teaching kids important values, one book at a time


What we do

Big Little Dreams is the combination of both children's books and clothing that aims to educate and inspire young children. Each shirt reflects an important value or life lesson, paired with a quick read book to make learning about the world fun - and fashionable.

Why we do it

Catching someone in the beginning of their life, before their specific values are set in stone, provides you the ability to truly make a huge difference.

No Bullying

'Stand up for others'

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Big Little Dreams


'Sustainable practices'

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Big Little Dreams


'Treating everyone the same'

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Big Little Dreams

Good Manners

'Take the Manners test'

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Big Little Dreams


'Nothing grows in a comfort zone'

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Big Little Dreams

Money Saving

'Save today for bigger tomorrows'

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Big Little Dreams

The extra mile

Childrens Books

Big Little Dream Books are a mixture of fiction and non-fiction reads.

T-Shirt & Book Combo

The t-shirt is 100% cotton. All of the artworks were originally sketched by a child then digitally enhanced and transferred directly onto the tee.

Monthly donations

Big Little Dreams commitment to making a difference is BIG. $1 from every purchase is donated to Camp Quality.